Power Plant, Oil and Gas Industrial Services

Together with our partners, SER can improve process efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, energy consumption, enhance production and extend assets life and integrity.

Maintenance services can be preventive, predictive, scheduled or unscheduled, all aimed at preventing equipment failure or deterioration.

SER provides a wide range of industrial services to help customers prepare machinery and systems for start-up, prevent the chain reaction of wear, and ensure long term reliability.

Pipeline De-oiling on Four Inch Pipelines and Smaller
SER's pipeline de-oiling service brings new life to pipelines which over time have accumulted sediment or deposits and presently experience flow restrictions, higher back pressure and accelerated corrosion. The SER process begins with radiometric evaluation and when complete, restores throughput and productivity.

High Velocity Oil Flushing (HVOF) and Chemical (HVCC) Cleaning
SER's HVOF and HVCC services are a critical part of maintaining producivity and protect valuable assets. SER's environmentally friendly, next generation processes ensure all wetted surfaces are properly treated, cleaned and prepared for reliable equipment start-up.

HVOF process features:
Engineered process units - Process-based operation - Auxilary “Jumper” hoses and piping provided - Turnkey pipe fitting included - High velocity flow – Reynolds number >25,000 - Full-flow sub-micron filtration - Supplemental vacuum dehydration - Confined space reservoir decontamination - Real-time laser particle counting and on site testing - Minimal project footprint - Self power options – no electrical support required - 24/7 emergency response

HVCC process features:
Purpose-built equipment including superior full flow filtration - Non-hazardous chemistry - Targets mil scale, rust, construction debris, sludge, contamination buil-up and varnish - Impeccable safety record - 24/7 Turn key projects - Applications specific formulas - Procedure-based projects - Post project reporting - Professional trained and certified staff

Varnish Mitigation Service
SER's newgeneration Rapid Varnish Removal eliminates varnish and soft contaminants that build up over time and risk costing your operation hundreds of thousands of dollars. The SER process also ensures the removal of deposits and buildup throughout the oil system.

Process features:
On-line or off-line service - System-wide solutions - 24/7 turnkey operations - Professionally trained and certified staff - Impeccable safety record - Post process reporting

Fluid purification:
SER's advanced fluid purification process is guaranteed to render oil lines to -40° C to -80° C dew points as part of the multi-step vacuum distillation, dehydration and oil purification process. Our process utilizes a combination of low vacuum to vaporize the water in lubrcation and hydraulic systems during the fluid purification process and includes SER's micro filtration oil purification process.

Process features:
Removal of free, emulsified and dissolved water - removal of entrained air and dissolved gases - Achieval of ISO Cleanliness Codes as low as ISA 14/12/10 or better - Process flow rates from 3 to 100 GPM - Electrical support is the only requirement

Industrial Foam Cleaning
SER’s Industrial Foam Cleaning service can save your plant millions in production losses. Dirty fin fans reduce the cooling efficiency of heat exchangers. If a unit is cooling at a slower rate, it has a dramatic effect on your production and consequently on your profits! SER's low pressure, high volume foam cleaning process removes dirt, debris and hydrocarbons safely and thoroughly, returning your equipment's performance to original OEM ratings.