Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Your preferred provider for instrumention and electrical design for the oilfield and power generation. We are committed to offering our customers best in design, installation and support.

SER provides total electric and instrument and a wide range of on-shore and off-shore services. We offer the highest quality products provide excellent tehcnical support and strive to be efficient, responsive, responsible and safe as we fulfill customer needs.

Our service porfolio includes the following:

Including cable, connectors, raceways, termination components, lighitng, switches, disconnects, automatic transfer switches (ATS), generators and enclosures.

Power Distribution:
Including switch boards, switch gears, sub panels, transformers, alarms, UPS systems and ground detection.

Including motor starters, VSD, charge pumps, gear boxes, couplings and motor enclosures.

Fiber Optics:
Including cable fittings, cable and tools.

Including hoses, fittinga, couplings, valves, manifolds and HPU.

Including filters, lubricators, regulators, valves and panel components.

Instrumentation and Controls:
Including monitors, feeb back units, integration components, gauges, transmitters and receivers.

Measurement of Gas and Cruse Oil
LACT systems, metering systems

Count on SER's cost effective solutions and expertise for your next expansion or maintenance need.