Distributed Power Generation

Your preferred provider for low emissions, micro turbine systems for distributed powder generation. Our affordable line of gas powered and turbine distributed power systems provide reliable service for your on or off shore operation.

SER provides a wide range of distributed power systems including 30kW, 65kW and 200kW micro turbine systems which are reliable, compact and that produce electric power and clean exhaust running on a variety of fuels.

SER's aero-based turbine systems combine magnetic generation with advanced electronics and air bearing technology to provide reliable power generation. With only one moving part and no gear box or other mechanicals, our systems provide optimal output for longer periods, requiring minial maintenance. These systems produce clean exhaust and provide adequate thermal energy for use in hot water, air conditioning, space heating and process heating processes.

SER also provides the SMARTdiagnostics® cloud-based, remote monitoring service to help you safeguard your equipment.

Put Saratoga Energy Resource's expertise to work for your operaton with one of our cost-effective, distributed power systems.